Friday, April 22, 2011

The Boat In Our Garage Part 2 - Motor Swap

You can find part 1 of The Boat In Our Garage here.

Every family has it's own language.

Things that in some way define who they are.

At our house one of the things that most amuses me is when the guys take on a little problem solving.

My hubby is the king of figuring out how to make something work.

Throw a couple of the boys into the mix and things are about to get real interesting.

Since my last post there had been a whole lotta scraping and grinding goin on.

There were layers of dust on any uncovered surface.

And progress was progressing.

The word on the hotline in late March was that Collin would be around for the weekend and that can only mean one thing.

A whole bunch of stuff is about to get done.

We like to take ample advantage of Collin's education and professional experience whenever he's around.

It was the perfect time for the motor swap.

Here's a hint...

It involves this...


A garden tractor and a motorcycle ramp.

Can you see why I just revel in these things? 

How can you not smile just trying to visualize what they could possibly have in mind when you see something like this in the garage??

So boat A...meaning the one in our garage... was to receive a motor transplant from Craigslist donor boat B

I'm going to refrain from much mechanically oriented commentary here cause pretty much anything I say I will be totally making up and it will assuredly be wrong.

You're welcome.

Collin catches me at this every time I try.

It's kind of become a sport for him

So here's where the tractor/ramp gadget comes in...

Unfortunately for all of us the tractor/ramp thing didn't have enough hydraulic power and try as they might the motor stayed put and the rear tractor wheels lifted.

It was definitely the most entertaining solution...

On to solution 2...

While I was gone all three of them hung from the pull up bar in the garage to see if it could take that much weight....

Can I just say...

I'm still kicking myself for not witnessing that.

We'll all just have to take a moment to make up some crazy mental image of that...

Since that idea seemed to be working out they moved on with solution 2...

The problem with solution 2 was that they neglected to all hang from exactly one point on the bar.

And... on to a borrowed solution 3.

Boring yet effective...

I'm so glad they didn't get to this solution in too much of a hurry.

 I bet some of you have wondered aloud what people who don't have cable or satellite do with themselves...

Well now ya know.

Collin hopped right in there and got a lot of the electrical run in no time.

Electrical systems are kinda his thing.

For which his dad is very grateful.

More work has gone on since this little weekend of amusement and I'll have more stuff coming.

Collin is supposed to be here again this weekend .

Ya never know what might happen.

I'll be on the look out for cheap entertainment.

Happy Easter to all,



  1. Oh I get this. My husband is a marine mechanic. :)

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