Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Maters

A super quick post today.

Gettin ready for lots of Thankfulness in the house but I wanted to share something I learned.

When we got the first Arctic blast of the winter we decided to pull the tomatoes in the greenhouse and make room for cooler weather crops.

There were still quite a few green maters on the vine....

What to do?....

I grabbed one of our new fave books this year

Figuring I was going to need to find some spiffy way to use them...

When I looked up green tomatoes they had a muy bueno tip.

It turns out that if you leave the stems attached and keep them in a cool place with straw over them...
or in between layers if your a layering kind of person...

They continue to ripen.

So hey I'm still making salsa and roasted tomato pasta sauce!

I had never heard that before but it totally explains the whole tomatoes on the vine thing you see in stores.

It works great.

So I've been keeping them in my guest room/root cellar.

We close the door to keep it cool and dark.
Squashes got a space too.

Oh and if you're coming for Thanksgiving....

You know who you are....Collin.

Never fear.

I moved the remaining maters out to the garage and warmed up the room today.

Nice eh?

Just call me Martha Stewart.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may the thankfulness of the day fill your homes and hearts.


Friday, November 19, 2010

House Painting Project Part 3 - The Paint Reveal and Fixtures

I'm seriously hoping that no one was holding their breath waiting for this post.

And if they were....

I think it's safe to assume that they are no longer with us.

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 click on the links there.

Go ahead.

We'll wait....

Okey dokey then.

Join me now for a phase where I imagined I was channeling Christo .

I call it Wrapped Windows.

Thoughtful and original huh?

I know.

Moments like this make my dad so proud that he put me through art school.

The incredibly handsome work crew did their thing while I watched with great appreciation.

I'm usually the follow up trim crew.

I know.  Multi talented.

I not only wrap but paint trim as well.

 Anyhooo.... we're loving the new color.

My excuse for the tardiness of this post is that I wanted to wait for the light fixtures.

Convenient huh?

So without further delay....

The motion lights near the garage door....

And the fixture that go near the doors...

Oh and some buckets of apples from the trees....

I'm sure you'll all sleep better now.

You're welcome.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Senior Night and Treasures of The Heart

They call it Senior Night.

The last home game of regular season play for the Seniors.

I knew it was coming.

I've done this before.

This is the eighth consecutive season that I've had a kid on the BHHS Boys' Soccer Team.

I also knew that this one would be a little different for a couple of reasons.

1) It's the last time.

B) This kid of mine loves this game down to his toes.

My good friend Deanna took time to come shoot for me during the presentations.

Thank you Deanna.

The coaches asked the Senior boys to each prepare something to say.

None of them really wanted to go first.

Since Dylan is the team captain he stepped forward and started first.

He thanked us for helping him with everything and for always being there for him.

And that's when the magic happened.

My boy could say no more.

He choked up a bit...and so did everyone there.

Our hearts all full of love.

Full of pride.

I can't think of a time I've been more proud to call this boy mine.

And he gives us lots of opportunities.

It was one of those moments.
 The kind when you know you need to soak it all up.

Squirrel away every piece of heart burstingness.

Draw a big 'ol circle around the whole thing and store in the corner of your heart.

So you can find the playback button later.

Here's the thing that surprised me....

I now technically have four adult sons.

I had no idea that my heart would keep making room for these things after they were grown.

There is no limit.

Hearts stretch and grow all the more for handing out what's inside of them.

I knew in my head...but still it surprised me.

I am so blessed and grateful.

Dylan had a great game and played his smelly shin guards off.

There were a few shots that didn't quite work out.

Some nice passes in the midfield.

And there was this:
A beauty of a pass from Thomas to Dylan.

Under a bit of pressure.

Dylan shoots with the left foot.

And in it goes.

The two of them work so well together.

And little later a similar set up.
The pass...

A little footwork.

One defender down...three trying to catch up.

Right foot shot this time.

And in it goes.

Add a little defending for good measure.
And call it a day.

The game ended in a tie.

The Bruins go into post season play on Thursday.

We've got a few more memories to soak up before this week is up.

Waitin to see how my heart gets stretched next,