Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Thrill of Victory

I've been a blog slacker.

And I apologize.

It's not that I haven't been taking any photos.

I have.

Hopefully I'll get you all caught up soon.

But for now...

I've been feeling a bit like this guy I found floating around at our port.

Just trying to keep my eyeballs above water and motor ahead.

The Brookings Harbor High School boys' soccer team had an exciting week.

They won their 2nd round 4a playoff game 1-0.

When I texted my brother, Dave, with news of their victory and told him I'd taken over 800 shots at the game. He requested that he get to see at least one of them.

Hey someone has to get me motivated.

So Dave.... here ya go.

Opening intros and national anthem.

This series shows one of Dylan's favorite "tricks".

Turn on the turbo boosters and overtake the defender...

Get the defender up to top speed while you keep control of the ball...

Stop the ball dead...

Watch the defender keep going...

Take your time and find a pass.

He says it works everytime.... so far anyhow.

The fans were great.

They showed up and cheered on the Bruins in Bruin style.

A local photog got the guys together after the game for a group shot.

He wanted a "game face" shot.

But Dylan could not stop smiling.

Finally he called out "Dylan, stop smiling!" And for a second, he did.

But only for a second.

His first captains' interview with the local press

More smilin....

That smile just kind of went on the rest of the night...

The journey continues tomorrow afternoon.

Another big battle on tap for the Bruin boys.