Friday, February 4, 2011

The Boat In Our Garage

Our garage has an interesting life.

All kinds of strange things have occurred there.

This, I think, may be one of the more interesting things....

Let me introduce you to to the Frankenboat also known as the Hogcatcher....

 It began as an outdoor project boat...

Rescued from neglect and a not quite perfect design.

It had potential.

It had good bones.

But was in need of a whole lotta elbow grease, another trailer and another engine to make it happen.

As the full force of winter set in, the whole outdoor thing lost it's charm and it was decided that if the dream were to come to fruition the bulk of the fiberglassing and mechanical work would need a much warmer home.

Imagine if you will the conversations and engineering that went into getting this puppy in the door.
It involved the removal of "stuff" (my technical term) from the top and the removal of wheels from the trailer.

And let's just say the floor jack became one of the key pieces of this grand scheme.
 And here she sits.

All snug and warm.

As packages arrive from Fiberglass Supply
 Oh wait....
I gotta try that again.

Here she sits.
All snug and dry.
As packages arrive from Fiberglass Supply.

Sorry... I couldn't of those poet and she don't know it moments.

The guys had already begun some of the demolition before it got this uptown spot.

The plan is to add a fish hold and create a wash deck.

And from all the talk I'm hearin about how many fish this boat is gonna catch it better be a whopper of a hold.

Collin (kid #3...the mechanic) helped Rich locate a second boat that they will use for the trailer and the engine.

I'll keep ya posted on how this progresses.

If ya wanna come join in the fun we have plenty of tools laying around here for ya.

Happy Weekend,


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  1. Yikes, what a project! I have so many things in my garage I usually can't get my car in there. But won't it be great when it's finished!