Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cha Cha Changes


It's that time of year.

Graduation season.

And any mom who has been through it knows that it does strange things to you.

It doesn't even seem to matter what level of graduation it is.

I get crazy flashbacks every time.

Collin complete the International Trucks ITEP program at UTI and once again was recognized as a top student *yawn*

The thing is....

When you're the mom...

You don't see what everyone else sees.

The rest of world sees this:

I see this:

This is the engine in the newest International Trucks...the Big Bore engine....

Collin's class is among the first to be trained on this new engine.

Just the week before he had it all in pieces.

And everyone else can see this...

But I see this:

It's just crazy I tell ya.

A crazy mix of emotions.

And while he stands in the crossroads...

Making decisions and finding his next adventure...

We get to have him home again for a bit.

But even then...

Since I know that this too will change again...

The flashbacks continue in the strangest times and places.

Since he brought back our camp trailer (a.k.a. his little tin can home) we had the perfect excuse to take the boys and hit the lake.

It's one of our happy places and perfect for unwinding.

The wind was better the first day.

But I was so about the sun and the unwinding that day that I didn't pull out the camera.

One of the things I really love about photography is that it makes you slow down and really look.

So when I did get the camera out on the second day I saw this:

And this:

But I also saw this:

And this:

I love this kid.

He makes us laugh.

He shows us things

He talks with us.

Really talks.

And we love having him around.

Even if only for a while.

We also know that he's ready for what comes next.

And wherever that end up being....

He's totally gonna rock it!

But for now my garage looks like this again:

And it makes me smile.

From the Mommy Clubhouse,

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