Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Garden Update

This is my favorite part of the gardening year.

More plants than weeds.

AND I have babies!  Lookeee:

Even though I still feel guilt over the whole green plastic thing it seems to be working well.

The zucchini already looks much happier than last year.

And I have high hopes for these Tigger Melons.
I had to replant one batch cause the greedy slugs completely decimated them.

So those will be a little behind.

But still...I have hope people.

How cool would it be to eat garden melons on the Oregon coast?

Chives are flowering and getting thrown into something daily, and the potatoes are about to flower too....yippee.  Almost time for a potato treasure hunt.

Good thing too.  I promised some nephews, who helped plant them, they could help dig them when they returned.

We've got about a week to go before they plan to find some potatoes in those mounds.
Baby Rubine Brussels Sprouts comin along on the right there too.

We pulled the water on the garlic and it's heading toward harvest time as soon as those tops die down a bit more.

Here's a new one for us this year....edamame.  I'm assuming they will look a lot like bush beans.

And another new one...celery...inter planted with lettuce.  
It looks pretty happy but what do I know.

The pole beans seem to be the troublesome crop this year.

This is a replant and waay behind schedule.

Notice the netting? 

Welllll the first batch completely disappeared.

And at first we blamed it on the slugs.

Cause they are usually the big culprit in the garden.

But then we saw a Blue Jay fly over and pull one.

So we apologized profusely to all the local misunderstood slugs (I lie, we never ever apologize to the stooopid slugs) and replanted and netted the pole beans.

They still don't look great but we should have some anyhow but I wouldn't plan on the deluge we had last year.

One really strange thing is that they didn't touch any of the bush beans right next to the pole beans.

Anyone wanna take on that mystery?

Sugar pod peas are goin off.

We pack them in our lunch every day.

And I'm so, so happy to see the sweet peas blooming.

One of the perks of Oregon living is the wild flowers that pop up and claim some territory.

Sometimes they pop up inconveniently and we relocate them. 

But still... I love these even more than the flowers we get in packs and plant.

They all feel like little gifts from God.

Love em, love em.

Got some berry action too.

These are new plants this year and the raspberries still bear the scars of the spring hail and snow and we have to race the blue jays to claim our berries but we are super happy to be seeing these raspberries and strawberries.

Summer is here for reals when we have to put the shade covers over the spinach and cilantro.

And in general things are lookin good.

We always run out of room to plant though.
As soon as the potatoes and garlic come out we'll start up the winter stuff.

And in the greenhouse....

Tomatoes are in our near future.

We go out and encourage them every day.

And infant habaneros:
The stuff that looks like concrete is diatomaceous earth it's our first line of defense this year against the aphids that plagued our greenhouse last summer.

It's an abrasive, pumice like powder that we mix with water and spray on. It basically cuts up soft bodied insects.

So far we are winning. 

I'll keep ya posted.

Cucumbers are a bit behind.   They got the axe the first time around from the slugs so this is a replant.

And the fruit trees....

fuzzy baby peaches...

baby apples

and a few baby Asian pears....they look pretty sparse again this year. They get fussy about late hail.

Our early blueberries didn't take to the harsh spring weather very well either but these later types are doing well.

I hope you all have big plans for the holiday weekend.

I for one, will be livin it up.

Putting in a new back door...OK holding stuff for Rich while he puts in a new door,  getting the house ready for a new coat of paint,  picking peas.

I know....I'm tryin not to make you all jealous here.

But hey... my glass is totally half full so it's gonna be a great weekend.

It will absolutely involve ocean views and red wine so how can that be bad?

Whatever you do with yours live it up eh?


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