Thursday, June 3, 2010

State Track Meet - Day 2

Saturday morning the meet had a later start time.

So after goofing around in downtown Eugene at the farmers market (more about that coming up) we headed back to the track around noon.

By the time we found a parking spot...

no easy feat....

not surprisingly we weren't the only ones ready to check out the top high school track athletes in the state...

the guys were already in warm up and psych up mode.

My boy won't talk to us at all when he's getting ready to compete.

He looks right through us focused on the goal.

Remember me??

The one who gave birth to you?

Oh never mind.

When the lane assignments for the final heat were handed out Dylan was a little concerned about being placed in lane 1.

He likes to really hug the line when he rounds the corner.

And this track has a little rail inside of lane 1.

Anyone know why they do that?

We made lots of random guesses.

Probably all of them wrong.

He spent his warm up time getting used to that rail.

They had another good run.

In a really fast final heat....which is as it should be.

And in the end they finished the whole state.

We were all really proud of them.

The officials at this meet were all about staying on schedule.

They were very efficient.

Apparently turning around on the podium for the parents wasn't figured in to the schedule so we got the back.
See the guys at the top of the podium?

Those boys from Cratar High shattered the state record. 

I wasn't kidding about this being a very fast final heat.

Since we have no Seniors on our track team this year we'll be returning the entire team.

And our boys have every intention of moving farther up the podium next year.

Lucky for me the 6A 4x100 heat was hapenning just as the boys got up there so I did get this little peek as they turned around to watch the race.

Nice socks dudes.

At the team banquet Tuesday night the coach told the boys that our school hadn't had a boys' 4x100 relay in the state final in 25 years.

These guys are already setting goals for next year.

I can't wait to see what they do.

We brought home a few souveneirs.

I can't think of any other way I'd rather have spent this weekend.

It was a weekend full of memories and proud moments.

A weekend full of smiles, good friends, and good times.

I am blessed,


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