Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Rain Hats

Rain, rain , rain....

I mean it's  June and here we are with all the rain.

Rich had to make rain hats for all the squash and melons

I took these pictures about a month ago so the squash and melons are now either
a) much much bigger or
b) completely eaten to the ground by slugs and replanted.

We kept thinking we'd just need these for a few days but no...

It went on and on and we had to make more of them.

Those slugs have been partying it up out there.

There's been some carnage.

We're supposed to get some sun for real this weekend.

If it dries out enought to mow I might be able to find my garden rows and take some new pictures.

Staring out a rain streaked window and contemplating singin in the rain,
(Who's with me?? Bring your umbrella and I 'll provide the coreography)


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