Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sean

This day 23 years ago changed my life forever.

Changed it in so many ways that all of my 24 year old wisdom could never know.

All the books I read...

All the research I did...cause you know I don't do anything without research.

None of it could ever prepare me for the adventures that awaited.

We waded through it you, Dad and I...

None of us really knowing what the heck we were supposed to be doing.

Your brothers benefitted from our gaining wisdom but there's something magical about the first time.

To celebrate you life today I'd like to share a few memories from the past.

Some of these older ones aren't the greatest scans.

I think you are a little over a year old on this one. I didn't have a date on it but I know that you started walking at 13 months. You spoke in complete sentences at 11 months.

We thought it was normal....what did we know?

Tom Cruise had nothin on you.

September of 1990- Four years old here at Camp Pendleton...probably talkin boats.

October of 1990- Four again...Arik is 2.5...Collin fresh from the oven.

Spring of 1993 - Not too long before we moved from Oceanside. This is at the Oceanside Harbor near our house. Sean is 6, Arik just turned 5, Collin is 2.5, Dylan is about 8 months.

Spring of 1998?- First year of 4-H. Sean and some of his show bunnies. I think those are Arik's feet in the corner with the bat.

May of 2000- 14 years old at Floras

July of 2004 - 17 Years old. Collin is 13. Port of Brookings Harbor.

June of 2009. Floras Lake.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the memories,


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