Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Much

Just a quickie post this week.

Not that we didn't do anything...

We did.

Sunday we went to OSU for a Men's soccer double header.

It was raining off and on though and I opted not to take the camera out.

That and Dylan was giving me the evil eye.

Every now and then he'd rather not have me behind the camera, snapping away.

And every now and then it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the day.

But then I usually regret it.

Like now.

I have no pictures to show.

No pictures of OSU smokin Cal Bakersfield 4-0.

No pictures of the hardcore OSU soccer fans.

No pictures of us chomping peanuts while rain dampened.

I'm sure you are all bummed out about missing that.

And Dylan's birthday was on Tuesday... which totally caught me off guard after the long weekend.

Yes, my baby turned 17.

It's just not right.

And between his needing to be at school at 7a.m. for a meeting, practice after, and homework. I hardly even got a chance to sing.

We all know it's just not a birthday without the singing.

We barely squeezed it in along with a Fresh Blackberry Cake

It got the stamp of approval that night...and every night the rest of this week.

It was big.

Any pictures that either.

I know... such a slacker.

The entire week this was the only picture I took.

And only because it struck me as odd. I don't think we've ever had peaches, asian pears and apples all at the same time.

The peaches were late.

The apples were early.

And the Asian pears are barely worth talking about. That right there is about all we got.

I was going to crop that photo so you wouldn't have to see all the junk on my counter but then I decided to keep it real.

I mean the stuff piled on your counter tells a lot about a family.

Those Yummi Bears? I send kids off to college with those Yummi Bear vitamins.
We love them.

I once emailed Hero and suggested they make a version for teens so that we wouldn't have to go thru so many.

They never responded.

Emergen-C keeps us pluggin along when the germs get outa hand in the world.

Those little yellow pads I have everywhere. I would be another person entirely if the world had no little yellow pads.

That wooden box Collin made for me when he was about 12.

You can't see it there but he engraved "Mom's Box" on the lid.

It rocks.

And finally our green house tomatoes.

Not as prolific as last year but yummy all the same.

I promise to do better this week on the phots so you won't be subjected to ramblings about what's on my counter again.

So what's on your counter?


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