Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let The Games Begin

First I need to take care of a little old business....

In my last post I said that Hero never responded to my email and I was wishing for a grown up version of theYummi Bears.

Well on Sunday... so two days after the post... I opened a new box of Yummi Bears Omega 3-6-9...and in the box was a sample.

A sample of their new Slice of Life chewable vitamins for adults.

Oh happy day.

On to new business...

Soccer season started up for us this week in earnest.

Saturday the Bruins opened with a non league game against a tough Pheonix High team.

We played them pre-season last year and had an idea of what to expect.

They usually figure into the playoff rounds so it's a good time to get a measuring stick of what's ahead.

These next two photos were taken by my friend Michelle McCormick...thanks Michelle for paying attention when I wasn't.

I get distracted easily.

It was a little rough.

It was a little ugly.

It made Dylan's white socks really dirty.

I had to wash them twice...first game... and it wasn't even raining.

#8 on the right was Dylan's "buddy" all day. That look on his face right there kinda tells ya how that went. That's his nice look.

We lost that one 4-0.

It was really valuable in finding our weak spots... which weren't as many as it sounds by the score...and most of all having field time as a team. These guys haven't had much time to mesh so being able to get some of that out of the way preseason against a challenging team is really helpful.

Dylan wanted to put that one behind as soon as possible.

Once the team got through watching the films he didn't want to talk about it.

Didn't want to see pictures of it.



Tuesday was a whole new season.

The beginning of league play.

Toward the end of Tuesday's game the team started to really click.

The defense held strong and the offense started to get a feel for each other.

Passes started connecting and they started to just know where each other would be.

It wasn't so much about the score for this game.

It was about getting game time together and working out the kinks.

The Bruins won 6-0.

Today they go on the road to Pacific High School.

Pacific never gives away anything easily.

I'll be heading up to watch and take more photos.

It keeps me from screaming crazy things.


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