Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ahhhh Summer


It really feels like summer to me.

It's warming up here.

The garden plants are getting happy.

I look forward to when the garden chores shift from mostly weeding to mostly harvesting.

It's way more fun.

Here's this week's payoff:

There were lots more potatoes but I didn't think you would feel the need to see every one.

We've been chowin on the peas all week. Once those babies get going you really need to pea and blueberry hunt every day.

An everyday gift for sure.

We almost went to the lake for the whole weekend but we decided to get the garden stuff done Saturday and just make a day run on Sunday.

The wind forecast was great.

And this time it came thru for the guys.

We have a long history with Floras Lake. We've been going there since Dylan was 4. I plan to blog a bit about that soon.

When we got to the lake Sunday we got some sad new that a fellow Floras camper, waterman and colleague of Rich's had passed away from brain cancer this week. He was a phenomenal surfer, and a nice guy. He and Rich liked to surf and talk shop together. We'll miss ya Gary.

Here's the set up looking down from the campground.

Lake>Sand Dune>Ocean

When you see white caps on both the ocean and the lake people in camp start smiling a lot and rigging sails.

Dylan started learning to windsurf when he was 6.

He had this adorable little 2.2 meter sail with Goofy on it.

This sail isn't nearly as adorable but it looks like he caught on anyhow.

The first day of the season is sometimes a day to remember what you used to know.

Jibe practice is high in the list.

A nice tight one here by Dylan

I had to hike around the lake to get the shots from this side.

From here you can see the windsurfing and kiting school and gear rental that Will Brady runs. Will is the best. Great teacher and all around nice guy. People come from all over to learn here. Our oldest son was lucky enough to work for him here one summer when he was about 16.

Oh and I make good use of that deck with the wind block glass.

I love that.

When it's blowing 20-30 on the lake even if it's sunny it can feel a little brutal.

I may have to take a little flack for this one.

When Rich saw it he said "What? You got the baby, weenie jump? What about the one that was head high??"

Sorry honey.

Mea Culpa.

It looks pretty good to me but what do I know?

Time at the lake always leaves us feeling tired, refreshed, sunburned and happy.

When life gets tough and we want out. This is were we go.

The lake works it's magic and then we can get back to work.

We're hoping to head back for the 4th of July holiday. The wind forecast looks dismal so it's still up for discussion.

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