Friday, July 10, 2009

Hometown 4th

We almost always head to the lake for the 4th of July.

When Tuesday evening rolled around we had to decide whether to pack and get a spot on Wednesday or call it in and stay in town.

The wind forecast was 5 knots.

That's not even enough for me... and I'm pretty horrible...

So we made the decision to hang out in town, enjoy some time with the guys and relax a little.

I went for a walk at the port of Friday morning.

There are days .... lots of them this year...

When the marine layer descends and the port takes on a quiet, magical feel in the mist.

Brookings is a very partiotic little town.

This scene touched me. It just really said Brookings 4th of July for me.

As I take my walks in the port I like to go thru the little roads behind the commercial boat zone.

The colors and order of the gear are a sort of visual feast.

There were lots of visiting recreational fisherman this weekend too.

I loved how this little seabird was surfing the wake created by the passing boats.

Collin got an extra day off and made a quick trip home to get out of the Sacramento heat.

We had a little fire Friday night with Sean and Collin and made pizza camp pies... our tradtional lake camping food and pretended for a while that we were camping.

It's just nice when the guys make some time to hang out with us for a bit.

It's what you hope for when they are toddlers and you flop on the couch exausted and feeling victorious for having survived another day with all bodies and spirits intact.

Now we get to look across a fire ring, kitchen table or living room and talk with our kids like friends.

An everday gift if ever there was one.

I gotta say I do miss those toddler hugs though... those are the best.

My greenhouse master husband has been thinking that the greenhouse plants haven't really been getting enough light.

We aren't really sure if it's the funky weather this year or just the age of the panels.

A remodel was in order.

C is so great about things like this.

Any new project and he's all over it.

Especially if it involves power tools.

He jumped right in and got er done.

I love how the garden seems to flow right into the greenhouse now.

He ended up doing a vehicle repair for Arik too before he headed back on Sunday.

He was happy to do it.

He's a keeper for sure.

It was a crazy 4th.

Foggy, quieter than usual, and in a high in the mid 50's!

What's up with that??

Blankets for the 4th of July??

D was sick all weekend and didn't have any fun at all... poor guy.

A couple of shots from the garden.

SO here's how brussels sprouts work!

Look! It's baby brussels nursery:

Cool huh? SO they must chop off all the leaves to make those stalks you see in the store.

I learned something new.

I love these Janie Harmony Marigolds.

I planted them to help keep some of the bugs down but I really love the intense color they have.

They are just fabulous among the greens.

Happy little things aren't they?

I hope you are all having a great week. D is recovering from his wisdom tooth exraction well and we are heading to the county fair tomorrow.

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