Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Update

I know. This isn't my garden. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

I had to put this in because Dylan weed wacked the back yard for me this weekend and lo and behold these beauties were hiding behind grass that you could lose a toddler in.

It was a happy surprise for me. Much better than all that murky marine layer you see hangin out over the ocean there. Apparently it heated up quite a lot inland. So we get the fog.

I have ridiculous number of garden pictures here today.

I'm dedicating them to my Mom.

When we talked on Saturday she asked how the garden was doing .... so Mom... these are for you.

We love these potatoes. They are the easiest thing in world to grow here on the Oregon coast and they make us look like some kinda awesome gardners. Hehe cool.

We made our first real salads with this stuff the past few days. I had a few thinnings before that but we'll be in spring lettuce for a while now that it's really going. I'll do rotational planting later in the season as the garlic etc finishes up and plant more lettuce every month or so to replace whatever decides to bolt. I have great luck with this Red Sails lettuce from Territorial Seed. It's very slow to bolt. I also go for the mixed seed packets because I gotta have a little random.

I was totally entranced by these little tendrils from my Oregon Sugar Pod peas.

I love how they reach up and grab the supports.

I can't explain it. I just do.

These pole beans too. Aren't they cool?

I have two types of pole beans one called Helda, It's a Romano type that someone gave me seed for. I've never grown a Romano bean before.
The other is your basic Blue Lake pole bean. Definitely a known quanitiy and not adventurous.

I like that combo. Known and unkown.

Whenever I plant something new I throw in radishes because radishes are ready really fast and by interplanting I can make use of the space in between plants and also have a little treasure hunt around the garden.

This probably doesn't look like much but it's one of my absolute favorite things about gardening.

A long time ago.... back in the days when my garden was run on child labor... ask them they will tell you...they all swear they could live their whole lives and never want to pick another bush bean....seriously guys it was only half an hour a day!

Where was I?... oh ... A long time ago I planted some dill to use in canning all the afore mentioned bush beans. And as any of you seasoned gardeners know with dill, once is enough. AND I love it! Every year I totally look forward to seeing just where they will pop up. It's like little presents from God whenever it happens.

And these cuties! Just the shape of them makes me happy.
It's supposed to be Improved Drawf Siberian Kale It really doesn't look much like the picture right now.

And this. You probably think this is a clump of daisies.


This my friends is a love note. It's Rich's way of letting me know he was thinkin about me while he was weed wacking.

Guys, in general, weed wack with a vengence... everything goes... I once lost a few lavendar plants that way.

As you can see he carefully went around these daisies cause he knows I like them. Gotta love that.


Turnips of the left. Beets on the right.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts. This is my first time growing Brussels Sprouts too. I really hope they get those big honkin stalks you see in the store. I've never really seen one growing.

Peaches are coming along

The blueberries are loaded.

The greenhouse tomatoes are getting there too. The Stupice has two ambitious little tomatoes!

Gotta get going to a Track banquet now. Thanks for hanging out in the garden with me. Feel free to weed.

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