Thursday, September 16, 2010

The House Painting Project - Part 2

If you missed part one of the ever so simple paint-the-house project, you can find that here.


After a few days of the "plastic is our friend" phase...

We began to find insects the size of an air craft carrier.

We quickly moved on to my least favorite phase...

The "just put siding over the whole durn thing" phase.

I affectionately called our living room the Bat Cave.

Windowless places make me crazy.

So we were crazy but bugless...

Life is all about trade offs.

Thankfully three of the windows and a new door soon arrived.

I am totally lovin the living room windows.

When we first chose the windows for this house we thought that the gridded windows would give a little cottagey charm.

We always regretted that least for this side of the house.

The grids were constantly in the view.

So here we have the new and improved, slightly larger, gridless windows and the famous Door To Nowhere:
We've had a Deck Fund for a few years.  We keep adding to it in hopes of a future deck.

Every time we have a family party or graduation we wish there was way to connect our house to the backyard without having to go out the front door and go around.

So now that our youngest child will be graduating we are shooting for a deck by graduation.

For now it's the Door To Nowhere...

But we have hope people!

Dylan helped Rich a lot with this phase.

Collin had some lame excuse about a great job four hours away...

What?  Our windows don't trump a career move?

*sigh* We'll just have to make do.

We were still waiting on the boys' bathroom window and of course we decided that since every window on this side of the house was being replaced except one....

Well what was one more??

Are we certifiable yet?

And then....oh happy day!  The last two windows arrived!

We...we in the collective sense...meaning Rich and Dylan.....added the outer siding and some trim for good measure.

Ooooo ahhhh all the windows together at last:



The gridded living room windows before:

No grids and the Door To Nowhere after:


We made some progress today toward getting paint ordered.

The forecast this weekend is for rain.

A prefect reason to put this off one more week dontcha think?

Next weekend is the goal.

I'll keep ya posted.


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