Friday, August 27, 2010

It All Began So Simply....Part 1

You know how it goes...

It's just a little house project....

In this case it actually started last summer.

We figured it was about time to paint the house and since Dylan would be around for the summer we could utilize the extra muscle power, he could earn some money, and we'd knock this puppy out.

But....we never did decide on a color so the summer came and went.

SO when this summer rolled around... we were totally on it.

We picked out the color.

Found a source....

And started scraping and prepping...

That was when we found out the laundry room door was rotted out....

As was the floor below it...

Collin was home too, so we took advantage of his love of problem solving.

The dude can figure anything out.

Sorry Col.

Do you feel used?

If it makes you feel any better Arik's dog, Duke, was feeling rather used too.

And well....

As long as we were replacing that door and the siding around it ...

We may as well replace the teeeeeeny window in the boys' bathroom...right next to the laundry room... and make it a bigger view window.

And so it began.

Next up we decided we may as well add that window we always wished for in the master bathroom.

Seriously.  For about eighteen years (but who's counting) we've been looking at this.

I know.  Not bad right?
And the thing is... I totally picked this house because of this bathroom.

First of all just the the fact that it had a master bathroom made me giddy.

I was totally over the charm of sharing a bathroom with four little boys.

And it had this great tub.

What more could an exhausted mother want?

Just the potential for sitting in a tub had me ready to sign on the dotted line.

But the thing is.....

Beyond that mirror... is an ocean view.

And every day we wished for a peeky hole.

And since Collin was having a great time cutting holes in our house we decided to go for it.

How cool is that?

Muuuuch mo betta!

Only we got so caught up in all the hole cutting we didn't actually have windows to put in the holes.


For for a while we were well ventilated.

Plastic sheeting was our friend.

And the saga continues...

We have now replaced two doors, four windows, added a new window and replaced all the siding on that side of the house.

I know, right?

And guess what?

No paint yet.

More coming soon...


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