Monday, August 17, 2009


It's that time of year.

These beauties are a couple of weeks later than usual and it's been hard to wait... but totally worth it.

Our nicest peaches ever we think.

And we have green beans.

I didn't have time to pick for about 5 days and we definitely had green beans.

That's also my lame attempt at playing with sun flares in photos. I'm working on it.

The beans are much more agreeable to posing than my family members.

Ummm.... did I tell you we have green beans?

Yep... I found a few.

After I exhausted my short list of people I could pawn some off on, I still had way too much.

We like beans and all.... don't get me wrong.

The standby is steamed with fresh dill and vinegar added.... maybe some little bacon pieces.

We also make this Frijole Mole recipe from the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book.

But after a some point enough is enough.

I really didn't feel like canning.

I didn't have time to be there for the processing.

I mean Summer is short.

Heck, it's almost gone.

And we have some Summer livin still to do.

Berries to pick.

Rivers to swim.

Beaches to walk.

Watching clocks and pressure gauges was not on my list.

Last year I tried drying some and it worked out really great in the winter for throwing into soups and stews.

A little bit of Summer in cool rainy seasons.

So I did a quick blanch of the remainders of Bean Mountain and sent Rich on a mission to figure out where we put the dehydrator last.

Mission accomplished.

The dehydrator was soon recovered from Sean's house.

He must have borrowed it during mushroom season.

I picked up this little dehydrator at a garage sale for about ten bucks at least ten years ago.

I keep thinking it must be about to die... but on it trudges.

I just kept filling racks.

And rotating trays

For about three days.

Ya it actually takes longer but you don't have to be there.

You end up with something like this.

Now I have enough for my winter stews.

Anyone want to be on my list for beans this week?

I also seem to have an abundance of orange flowers in my garden.

I must have subconciously planned it.

Yep, that must be what happened.

I'm still lovin these Janie Harmony Marigolds

And every year I try to put some of these Autumn Beauty Sunflowers in.

Notice that even they are being overtaken by beans.

It's not just me.

From high atop Bean Mountain,


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