Friday, April 2, 2010

Notice: Spring is Temporarily on Delay

This whole week got away from me.

I'm hoping to get to Spring Break stuff real soon.

And Easter is two days away.

But in the mean time I wanted to throw these up.

This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning.

It was quite a shock.

The peach and asian pear trees were in full bloom.

I was gambling on a mild Spring.

And I'm not a gambling woman.

But you know... the El Nino thing and all.

It seemed reasonable in the moment.

We planted some new strawberries right before we left for spring break.

Imagine their surprise.

And my peas...,. they were almost 2" tall.

Time will tell how they hold up.

I have some more catching up to do here.

And I think another cup of coffee is in order.

Remembering the warm San Diego days of last week and putting on my blizzard boots,


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