Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Track District Finals

I don't have one single image from Friday.

I had to leave my camera in the safety of a watertight vehicle.

It was a crazy day of sprinkles, downpours, hail, wind...you name it...even a peek or two of sun.

Soooo I have no high jump images.

Sending out apologies to my seester, Dylan's cyber coach.

It was just too soggy.

Dylan ended up in a four way tie for 2nd place in the high jump.

Between events both days the team huddled in here:
Notice the nice mud puddle in the front?

These Oregon track kids are a rugged bunch.

Almost every meet this year has been pretty harsh.

Dylan's first event on Saturday was the 4x100 relay finals
He runs the third leg since he's used to the turns from the 200 meter event.

Ok now check out the sky in this one and keep in mind.....this is the nice day.

The boys finished second.

Good enough for a spot at the Oregon State Finals at Hayward Field at U of O this coming weekend.

We're all more than a little excited.

Dylan got to go last year for both relays and the high jump but Rich and I had previous plans.

It's a busy time of year.

I'm really looking forward to being in the stadium at Track Town USA this time around.

There's a whole lotta track and field history in that place.

And there will be no shortage of talent in the house.

Next up was the final heat of the 200 meter race.

It was a tight finish. As it should be with any good final 200 meter heat.

And in the end Dylan finished 4th.

He was a bit disappointed with that.

He had a little block slipage at the start.

And he can be a little hard on himself.

He ran a great race and was only .01 off his PR.

But his plan was to shatter that on this day so....he'll get em next year.

Oh lookey here a little spot of sunshine!

His final event for the day was the 4x400 meter relay.

Dylan ran the first leg in this one.

It went well and his coach was pleased with the time on his leg.

At the end of his leg he was in second position.

He would rather not talk about  how the finish went.

I knew you'd understand.

I'm feelin a little bit like a gypsy but this is the juicy stuff of life.

So we unpack, catch up, repack....

And can I just say... I love this kid.

The way he strives for excellence is really inspiring to me.

From the far side of laundry mountain,


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