Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cool Stuff: Garden Edition - Broadfork

Last summer when Rich's birthday rolled around kid #4 (Dylan) asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

Rich replied that he wanted a broadfork for digging in the garden.

Kid #4's eyebrows rose.

"Ummm really??"



If you ever want a few minutes of quiet contemplation tell your teen you want a broadfork for you birthday.

It's golden.

We had been reading about broadforks for some time.  A couple of our favorite gardening books by Elliot Coleman (The New Organic Grower and Four Season Harvest)  talk about using them.

Since we attempted to go to a year round garden this year we often just replant sections as soon as they become available.

This piece of equipment makes that easier to do.
It keeps all of our earthworms intact.

It's quiet.

It's made in the U.S.A. fact it's made in Oregon.

We got the five tine version.

There's also a larger one but this one fit the width of our beds really well and it's a little lighter.

Rich making a space for some po taters.

We (meaning Rich works while I take pictures) use the heck out of the broadfork now.

Besides replant time, he loosens the soil around root crops mid season as well.

It makes them really happy.

Speaking of po taters.  I wanna show you this.

This is the kind of thing that gets me into trouble.

Imagine, if you will, reading these seed potato descriptions one afternoon in the dark of winter.
It just might provoke a girl to order too many right?


Ummm hello?

Add to that these awesome labels and rockin cool bright green bags....
And I'm a total goner.

It'll give Rich lots of practice with the broadfork.

It's totally for his benefit.

Heading out tomorrow with kid #4 for a two day district finals track and field meet.

I'm taking my camera.

Just so ya know.

Dig on.


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