Friday, May 7, 2010

Cool Stuff: Kitchen Edition - La Chamba

I first saw La Chamba cookware when we were in Jacksonville last summer for the amazing Britt Festival concert experience. Before the concert we walked around in Jacksonville.  Jacksonville is a town whose roots go back to the gold rush in the 1800's.  It's a great place to spend an afternoon.  One of the shops there had La Chamba cookware and we were smitten.

It was beautiful.

A Fair Trade product.

No glazes.

No toxins.

The cookware is handmade in Columbia from an ancient clay that ends up black when it's fired.

You can see the artisans' finger grooves in the stuff..

None of it is perfectly symetrical...I love that!

I pilfered the following photos of the cookware being created from  They are importers of La Chamba and you can see more of the different kinds of cookware in the line at their site.

We didn't buy any that day in Jacksonville.

We did the..."Well it's kind of expensive. Let's think about it and come back." thing.

And of course we didn't go back.

But I did a whole lot of thinkin about the La Chamba stuff.

And every time I pulled out my 9x13 pans I wished it were La Chamba that I was cooking in rather than whatever cheesy metal they make those things out of.

Cooking in metal gives me the heeby geebies any more....except for my cast iron... I love that stuff still.

Anyhoo... I finally got some La Chamba for my birthday in March.

I use it every day.

No joke.

Loooove it.

And as a side note the black makes the food look really purty.

You care for it a lot like clay pie pans or pizza stones.

You don't preheat your oven because they can crack.

We have an electric stove (unfortunately) so the pots can't go directly on the stovetop to cook but they do offer an adapter that goes between the pot and the burner so it's a possiblity.

I plan to expand my collection of this gorgeous stuff.

Enjoy the weekend!


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