Friday, April 9, 2010

And The Hits Keep Comin' - Quick Garden Update

The weather around here has been so crazy.

What's a gambling gardener to do??

When we arrived home from our spring break the greenhouse lettuce was going crazy and there some biggie cauliflower showing off. 

We had to seriously focus on picking and eating.

I know.

Life can be so tough sometimes eh?

Then the hail, snow and wind that I wrote about in this post hit.

And all bets were off.

And then it cleared.

And then it rained.

And then it was Easter Sunday.

And my back yard looked like this:

Just crazy.

And in the garden the white stuff was piling up again.

I worried about the baby plants.

Rich popped in a Christmas CD and enjoyed the moment.
Then it rained again.

And it cleared.

And it got windy.

And it rained yet again.

And this morning...

There were frost warnings.

So I went out to check on the survivors.

The berries seem to have come thru pretty much unscathed.

The strawberries are coming along nicely.

The raspberries even have little buds.

The baby lettuce is coming up.

And the carrots for the Plant A Row For The Hungry program I posted about in this post are just starting to sprout.

The sugar pod peas are bearing the white scars of the cold but look to be battling on.

I'm a little disappointed in my sweet pea flowers.

There are only about four of them up.

I was counting on huge bunches of them.

It may be time to replant.

Anyone wanna weigh in on this?

They've been planted for about a month.

Can it take longer or should I just replant?

The potatoes are a mixed bag.

But I'm not so sure it's about the snow and hail.

They have some snow/hail scarring too.

It looks more like the work of the killer northwest slugs to me.

Some look better than others.

I'm proud to report that the weeds and grass are going like gangbusters.

Yikes I have a lot of work to do out there.

Hopefully Dylan will bust out the mower today and get a handle on some of the grass anyhow.

Get out there and enjoy the wacky weather.


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