Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Searching For Signs Of Spring

This time of year gets a little rough for me.
My inner San Diegan begs to be let out.

So I go in search of hope.

Hope of sun.

Hope of color.

Hope of life's renewal.

Hope that I'll get to spend more time in the sun with this guy.

And as I search and focus on the beauty ...

And the everyday gifts that are all around me if I bother to open my eyes and look...

I start to know that I will make it until my refueling time in the sun on Spring Break, just a few short weeks away.
I plan for future sun by ordering seeds.

These are some that I just got in the mail for this year. There seems to be a purple and yellow theme hmmm.

Territorial Seed is having a Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign.  With any seed order in 2010 they send you a free packet of carrots seeds to plant and donate the results to your local food bank or soup kitchen or a neighbor in need.
What a great idea. We tilled up an extra row for ours and we plan to participate.

Focusing on the sunny moments of life,


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