Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Go Fly A Kite

We always send our spring break trip reservations out to friends and family in hopes of tempting someone else to join us and snag another spot at the beach.

And it works.

Last year my brother Don got a spot.

This year my brother Mike and his wife, Sheila, and their kiddos got one.

These goofballs know the meaning of family fun.

Sometimes at the expense of their parents.
Who happen to give as good as they get.

So don't feel too sorry for them...

Tim and Abby both had birthdays right before they got to the beach.

They each got a really cool kite as a birthday gift so we all headed down to the sand to give 'em a test run

Abby's kite got going right away.

A little bit of speed to give it a boost...

And it was up.

Way up.

And I have to say...

Something about the way that thing flew was really amusing to me.

Is this just the cutest flying elephant you've ever seen or what?

A little sister power kept it up for quite a long time.

Connie and Abby do the sister thing really well.

Tim had a kite too.

A really cool dragon kite.

Which refused to co-operate this day.

So he mostly did a lot of running on the beach.

Trying to get the thing up in the air.

We kind of adopted Tim during our week.

You see he and Dylan have something in common.

They both have three older brothers who have abandoned them for trivial things.... like school... and work...

Leaving them with a lot more bedroom space, but a lot fewer brothers to goof around with.

So they get each other.

They both know the rules of goofy harassment.

Dylan and Brock made great stand in older brothers for Tim for a few days.

And Tim made them laugh.

It was a fair trade.

I would also like to thank Tim for tolerating my lame boogie boarding skills and not laughing out loud too many times during the sesh.

It was very kind.

Donald was all about the rocks.

And at first Mary joined him.

After a while, she was totally over the rock thing.

But he was still goin strong.

What is it with boys and rocks?

She did find a great place to make a little sand castle.

And happily left Donald to make sure that the beach was cleared of rocks.

Thanks for the memories guys!

Love ya!
Aunt Cathy

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  1. There are so many cool kites out... this looks like so much fun... we went to a kite festival with mostly toddlers and everyone had so much fun.