Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aimless Wanderer - Part 2

In December Sean added some new electronics... a pretty cool chartplotter etc. that he got through our friend Jude ...and new stereo...
and this spiffy boat name that I made for him on my little electronic cutter.
It was like an act of Congress deciding on the exact placement.

There were five or so of us discussing, measuring, and moving the pieces around.

Who knew it was such an ordeal?

He also needed the official numbers which were much less controversial thank goodness or we might all still be standing in his yard this very moment discussing placement and it's effect on the world in general.

Most of December he and Arik spent aboard the Miss Sarah as a member of the crew for the crab season opener.

It was a particularly good crab season so they were out for almost the full month with a couple of days off for Christmas.

In between he worked on rounding up various permits and gear and preparing to work his own boat.

He had his fair share of trials and tribulations throughout the process.

As they say ... things worth doing don't come easy.

Finally on the last day of January,  all the pieces had come together and Collin was home to act as crew for him.

Being the new guy in the port on a day with some swell the local Coast Guard opted to escort them through the bar.

Hi Collin! Glad you remembered your sunglasses.  Did you put some sunscreen on? Do you know where the lifejackets are? How in the world are you going to get those crab pots out there?
Sorry, the mommy thing just kicks in out of nowhere sometimes.

Then I went over to the beach and worried over there for a while and enjoyed the sun.

They were kind enough to give me a heads up on the way in so I used my sprinting powers again and ran over to the jetty.

I almost got distracted on this one when the cool clouds started forming up...
But see?  I got the boat in the shot.....just doin my job.

Back in to port safe and sound.

I confess to being a bit of a worry wart about this kind of thing.
You see I have three of my four guys out on the ocean right now.

These two out together...

and Arik working out of Kodiak, Alaska for January through March.

I know they've been on the ocean since they were tiny tots... but still.

They are all very understanding about the whole worrying mom bit.

They send me messages and let me know all is well when they have time.

Mostly though I pray a lot.... and I just try not to think about it too much.


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