Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aimless Wanderer - Part 1

Back in October Sean bought his latest floating vessel.

If you know Sean very well you know that this is one in a long line of floating vessels.

He bought his first when he was about 7 years old (a little Sabot sailboat) and has been shopping for the next boat ever since.

This, is his second commercial vessel. He did some live catch fishing last year and decided it was time for an upgrade so that he could spend more days on the water.

Captain Sean is all business... his brothers, however, are not.
They think it's pretty funny that Captain Sean has a boat named the Aimless Wanderer and in one of their favorite movies Captain Ron has a boat called the Wanderer.

He chose this 24ft Radon after months of research,

days of discussion,

and more than a few trips to look at various potential boats.

He just kept coming back to the Radon and finally found one that was well cared for and just right for him.

The day of the test run was a spectacular one at our port.

I profess to being more than a little ADD on days like this.

As soon as they rounded the bend I was easily distracted by the colors and patterns.

Oooooo lookey.

This guy is not nearly as easily amused as I am apparently.

Oh and over there!

Check that out!

And up in the sky...

And then I remembered that I was supposed to be at the end of the jetty to shoot the return.


Get thee to the jetty.

I came really close to missing the whole thing.

This time I found ways to stay on task and indulge myself in the color and light of the day.

Shhh don't tell them I was distracted.

It's not like they don't know about this problem of mine.

It's certainly nothing new...

Ooooo lookey there!

Check out the color in the water....

Oops ... I mean check out that cool boat and that awesome crew.

Oooo and the repeating lines in the wake....

...I mean look at how that thing sits in the water.

Oooo and all those vertical rust colored pillars..

...Gosh I love days like this.
They were all duly impressed with performance of the boat.

It was everything Sean had hoped.

And I was just happy I made it out the end of the jetty in time.

If I can't get a little more focused tho, I may need to spend more time at the gym so I can cut down my sprint times from the launch ramp to the end of the jetty.

It was a close one.


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