Friday, August 6, 2010

Bits and Pieces

It's been a while.

Life kind of took over for a bit as it has a way of doing every now and then.

And even in the unexpected there are gifts all around.

Though none of us would have chosen the circumstances, I got to spend some time with my Mom and a hospital ICU burn ward after my Dad's race trailer blew up with him inside.

My dad is out and about and doing much better now but it gave us all a scare.

I learned a lot about the procedures involved in burn care and got to experience a very caring burn care team.

I got to see a couple of my brothers, brother and sister-in-law, Aunts and Uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews....all in the course of a week.

I'm still getting back around to my "normal" schedule (whatever that means) and am seriously in arrears here.

I have stuff to post tho...

It's coming I promise.

I just wanna share a few quick ones today.

A few weeks ago the BHHS boys and girls soccer team gave a soccer day camp for the local youth soccer players.

It was time put the boot on the other foot and play coach.

Inspire their charges.

And most of all...

Make sure they all had some fun!

The girls took charge of the littlest ... and cutest...future Bruins.

This guy definitely has a spot on the BHHS soccer team waiting for him.

It was a successful week overall and the players and "coaches" all learned a lot...and had some fun.

While I was away Dylan left for a week at Northwest Soccer in their 39th year.

By the time I was back he was just about home too and full of enthusiasm about camp.

He learned a lot from the many coaches attending and had a very successful week.

During Power and Explosion training he broke two of the Power camp records.

One for vertical reach and one for power jump .... 5 standing broad jumps back to back.

He also tied the Explosion Speed record for the 20 yd dash.

And best of all....their "cabin" totally rocked the evening skits. 

One of the coaches there...Edu...played on the 1970 Brazil World Cup team with such notable teammates as Pele, and Rivelino...guys who only need one name...sometimes known as the best attacking team in the history of the game. 

He gave Dylan  this signed photo for his accomplishments at camp....pretty cool.

Dylan says he still has that amazing footwork the Brazilians are known for.

He also received lots of encouraging words from some of the other coaches on staff and at least one offer for a letter of recommendation if he needs one.

We'll see what the year holds.

Life in a remote place has its drawbacks.

Visibility is a big one.

We're all looking forward to the coming season.

We loooove watching the boy play.


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