Tuesday, August 17, 2010

25 Years

Twenty five years ago today we stood together in front of God and everybody (and I do mean everybody we have a very large family) and said "I do"

It's the kind milestone that makes ya pull out the old album and scan photos on your almost vintage scanner and hope that no one will notice all the dust that you didn't clean off.

It was a very 80's affair.

The dresses and the hair were huge...

And we were really young...only we didn't know it...

And everything was very pink...which strikes me as odd because I rarely have anything pink in my life.
But I'll tell ya what I do have...
Everyone of those girlies is still in my life in some way.
The little one now has a little one of her own.
We must have sealed some kind of bond-of-the-pink-dresses.

My dad has always been into vintage auto restoration so he hooked us up with one of his friends for the cool ride.
We had to sort of pack that dress into the car so we could fit...
I took up way more than my quota of the back seat.
What was I thinking anyhow with that dress...in August...in So Cal??

The reception was at a golf club it was kind of a Dutch version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My Mom and Dad....probably trying to calculate how many years it might take to pay off approximately 8 million dinners.

The cake was huge too....like three fountains under there and who knows how many layers.
It was almost as big as the dress.

And if this isn't all just 80's overload enough for ya...
For our first dance we chose How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
And one of my lifer best friends sang it....that's her in the left corner.

If we can be the best of lovers,
Yet be the best of friends;
If we can try with ev'ry day
To make it better as it grows;
With any luck, then I suppose,
The music never ends!

It's workin' for us so far.

Looking back on the gifts of twenty five years,



  1. Okay so you made me cry...that was beautiful Cathy..just like you! xo

  2. I can't believe it's been 25 years! You two look so happy and more in love today more than ever! Such a great example for your boys...

    You were such a beautiful bride and that had to be the funnest wedding ever. All the singing and dancing and great friends and family.

    Cheers to many, many more fulfilling, exciting years.

    Wished we were closer but you know I love you! ~ Mel