Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Goodies

Wow what a nice sunny weekend we had! It felt so great and we are supposed to be in for a few more days of it. It was 80 degrees yesterday at our house! It’s amazing… we had snow flurries on Tuesday morning!

I got most of the rest of the outside garden planted. Here’s the plan:

I make one of these “maps” every year so that I don’t forget what I planted when and where. I list the date of the planting, estimated germination time and about how long til harvest. It also helps me plan my rotation the next year. Notice the dirt? The stuff in pencil still needs to be planted in a few weeks as well as the greenhouse stuff.

Ya I wish they were pretty. Every year I think I should do an illustrated version that looks nice but all I ever get to is the down and dirty version.

Here’s what it looks like right now:

My tulips are lookin really happy… the bad news… the weeding fairies still haven’t stopped by.

The turnips, beets and peas are starting to sprout right on schedule. I thought the snow might make them hide a while longer.

And the apple trees are starting to blossom… check out how blue that sky is…love it!

This was Rich’s project on Sunday:

It will ultimately be a two bin composter so that we can have one active and one almost ready to use.

Sean got some new chickies last week. They are pretty adorable.

AND, I found these cute bamboo placemats at the Grocery Outlet on Sunday. I knew it would be perfect for my coffee/tea zone of the counter.That's actually greentea in the tin that says cocoa. One day soon I’ll write more about that Chemex coffee pot there (the thing that looks like a science beaker) and how it came about.

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