Thursday, May 28, 2009

Worth the Wait

This past winter we tried a few veggies in the greenhouse and religiously went out and stared at them and hoped that come March we would be eating homegrown organic yummies.

Most of the things we tried were varieties from Territorial Seed. They are my fav for short season produce seeds.

I mostly planted in December and January after the last of the cherry tomatoes gave up the ship in November


One day Sean's adventurous chickens got in and dug out my newly transplanted broccoli and cauliflower. The little plants survived but from then on I had no idea which were broccoli and which were cauliflower.

I kind of like it that way.

Anyhoodles we could tell fairly soon that there was no way they were going to make the 66 days that was the best case scenario on the Belstar Broccoli(click there if you want to see more info about the variety) seed packet.

As we periodically got some warmer weather the plants started looking really good.

Rich worried that there was too much nitrogen since they were all plant and no flower... and then he wanted to prune them (he has a thing for pruning) but I persuaded him to show restraint and trust the process :).

We ended up moving all but two of them outside to make room for the peppers. We thought the two remaining plants might be too large to survive a tranplanting.

Last Friday (at least 150 days later) we finally picked what was supposed to be the first of our winter broccoli.

It's hard to tell but it was the hugest broccoli I have ever seen.

We wanted to do something a little special with it so I went to my new go-to site for fresh cooking recipes and found this recipe for garlic broccoli

After we steamed it the broccoli was this glowing green that you don't usually get from store pretty I wish I had taken some pictures of the final product.

Rich and I...Dylan was at the state track meet...made it our whole dinner... that and some nice organic baby potatoes that I had. Happily, we still had leftovers.

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